Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Whats been going on with me.

So what you think? Story seem to be off to a good start? There's more to chapter one, but I don't want to bore all of you! =) Vampires can be so fun to write about. They're like the modern Superman, you can almost do anything with them. Raymond, my current vampire hero, he will have a leading lady as well. It won't be all mean ol' vampire series.

I know readers are torn these days between the two types of vampires. The Count Dracula type, evil I'm going to eat you, or the Superman and Louis type. I tend to like the hero/lover type over the killing machine. If I wrote the killing machines, I think I would have to include my own Winchester brothers to hunt and kill the bastards. It would be hard to let the injustice of a murdering fiend get away with what he was doing.

For those who don't get the Winchester name, it's in reference to the Supernatural TV series, which is one of my all-time favorite shows. Don't think I've missed an episode since it came into existence. Hopefully, I will get this book done as soon as possible. Writing has been as hard as possible these days. Not sure why that is, but it's been like trying to pull teeth. Scratch that, more like trying to pull a vampire's teeth.

I'm getting there it's just taking time. Funny thing is, I can usually pump out a first draft of at least a chapter a day when it's just feeling normal. A good day I can pump out two or three chapters. I'm not sure how other authors do it, but that’s my speed. Because I'm an impatient brat, I cant wait till the first draft is done, so I send each chapter to my editor as soon as it's finished. Once they're done with it, it then goes to my proofreaders to see what they think, and to catch any errors my editor missed. After that it comes back with their suggestions, and any rewrites that need to be done, or errors that need to be fixed. Then back to the editor to make sure it's written up nicely.

She's my real hero! Without her I'm not too sure I would ever get anything actually written. So while I'm writing, all these things are going on, and with any luck the final product is close to finishing by the time I actually finish the first draft. Works for me. I sometimes think I can put out a book in a month or less, but that’s never been the truth yet. Usually I take several months. I know, it's sad. I recently got the chance to go to Forks, Washington, and actually sign up for a tour to see the places of Twilight. It was a birthday present for myself.

Sadly, things didn't go as planned. My son decided to bring home the plague a few days before, then the trip took longer then we thought to get there. I was sick as a dog, but no refunds. In the end we got there late, but they held the bus for us. I got on and thankfully got my own seat, (didn't want to get anyone else sick.) The music started up and the tour guide began to ask who was team Jacob etc and the heater came on. Unfortunately for me, I had the seat that the floor heater blew right smack into. Why was that bad? Well I was dehydrated and didn't know it. My body went into an instant fit, and I thought I was dying. I had to immediately jump off the bus, and not thinking too clearly at the time, I wasn't going back on.

The Forks air outside made me feel a lot better, at least temporarily. I started to shake not long after I got out, but a bottle of water fixed that. My daughter was the only one to go on the trip. She got some nice pictures, but it was a bit disappointing to miss out on the tour as it was my birthday treat! Oh well, maybe another time.


bookdout said...

What a shame you missed out - hope you get a chance to go again soon

Phantom Paragrapher said...

I love your post and Im def up there with you not missing an episode of Supernatural . Are you a Dean or Sam girl ? Im a Dean Girl, though Castiel quite good looking too.
Im a new follower

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