Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Blood Approves

Sorry for this being so late in the day. Been pretty busy, and to be honest I forgot it was Wednesday. So here I am. Better late than never, right? =) Today I want to talk about a book I didn't write. Unless you have been living under a log somewhere, by now you should have heard of Amanda Hocking's book series My Blood Approves. If you haven't, then it's my pleasure to introduce you to it. I'm not going to do a review here, just a recommendation. If you look on Amazon, you will see my full review of her book.

To be honest, I wasn't into vampire romance as whole. It just didn't seem my cup of tea. After all, I grew up reading Lord of the Rings. I moved onto the Shannara series, Conan, and eventually Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series and Song of Ice and Fire by George Martin. So when it came to vampire romance... I didn't think it was in the cards.

Yet. I have always had an open mind. After all, reading is all about experiencing new things isn’t it? So when I started to hear about Amanda's books, I couldn't help but think, maybe I should see what's all the hoopla about. So with just a little trepidation, I went and bought her first book, My Blood Approves. I wasn't really expecting much. I am such a picky reader. You know the people that are so picky about the food they will eat? I have a couple of friends that wont try anything. They eat like five different kinds of food, and that’s it. Really crazy stuff.

Well, I'm like that when it comes to reading. It's hard as hell to get me to read anything. I just can't do it. I get bored and fall asleep to almost anything. So I figured what the heck, lets give her a try. Now for the record, I didn't expect to like it at all. I went in biased against it. In fact, a friend had just loaned me the entire Twilight series, and I was just a few chapters into it. Anyways I opened her book and started reading. Somewhere near the ending, I remembered I was not supposed to like this book. I found myself reading it with every free moment I had. I wasn't writing or doing anything else. I'm a slow reader, I mean really slow. I'm all about relishing the story, and watching it play out in my mind. Yet I read her entire book in two days.

To say I liked it was an understatement. I had gone into this expecting to hate it, and not to ever finish the first book. Instead, I found myself buying all the rest of the series at that time, and reading it in less than two weeks, and then re-reading them. They hooked me so bad, that being a creative person, I had to start writing them. I had to, I was just lost in the possibilities. So, if you haven't looked at Amanda's series yet, I highly recommend them. They just might be the best vampire paranormal romance series ever written, I kid you not.


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