Friday, October 1, 2010

Ask the readers: why urban fantasy?

My second favourite blog has an Ask the Readers post once a month. As I only post twice a month this isn't going to be anywhere near so regular. However, today is a great day to start an ask the reader discussion (mostly because I forgot it was my blog posting day - where has the past fortnight gone?)

So, I figured I'd start with: why urban fantasy?

Why do you like urban fantasy, and if you prefer it to other types of fantasy, what in your mind makes it seem better?

In My Opinion:

I enjoy epic fantasy (I like the Wheel of Time, for example) and I enjoy comic fantasy (big Terry Pratchett fan) but I do seem to set urban fantasy above them. I love the Dresden Files, for example.

It could be that because not everything is made up, it becomes somewhat easier to relate to, and I can connect to it on more levels. It could be because the hero can often be any Jack or Jim (or Jane) off the street, (I think part of the Harry Potter appeal was that any of the readers could have been Hermione, the greatest witch of her generation) I can more easily picture myself as the hero (you do that, right? Please, if you do, admit to doing it in the comments, or I'm going to look really, really weird).

Most likely, it is a combination of both.

Over to you:

My last post had 12 comments. So today's challenge is to beat that. Come on, let's get a real discussion going. Is urban fantasy your favourite? Why is it /not your favourite?

Tell us all...


bookdout said...

Urban Fantasy is my favourite by far, not only because like you, I can imagine it could be me :), but because it in general it blends genres so successfully - there is action, mystery, romance, fantasy and can also blur into the historical or science fiction genres. I generally don't like straight fantasy for example but love the paranormal, or magical elements in urban fantasy. I think it offers a little something for everyone no matter what your preference is. Personally I can't get enough :)

Luna Lindsey said...

I like reading all genres, but Urban Fantasy is my favorite genre to write.

For me, I love looking at my city (Seattle) and seeing magic in every corner. What if there's a pixie living in this elevator? Seems the kind of place something like that would live. What if there was an intentional community of housemates run by an elf? Where would be the best place in this park to set traps for faeries? What if a modern-day cult that took on the humble trappings of yesteryear ALSO unknowingly had a troll living in their midst?

I also love the collision and collusion of science and magic. Magical creatures that use computers, and technology-minded faerie hunters experimenting on the best combination of photoreactive chemicals and mystical glyphs to detect the presence of glamour. There is so much more room to ask "What if?" and come up with interesting answers.

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