Thursday, August 19, 2010


Everyone has some sort of theory about what Vampires can and can't do. Being a reviewer, I have read and reviewed many books based on vampires, and they always seem to have different abilities.

Take Into Account the following:
Stephanie Meyer made her vampires sparkle in the sunlight, eat animals and each have their own unique ability. 

L.J. Smith's Vampires are allergic to vervane, they don't need human blood but they become weaker without it. They are incredibly fast and can put people into trance like states. 

Patrick Jones' the Tear Collector has a very different spin on vampires. They don't need blood at all, they need tears. His main character must collect tears in order to stay alive. So she is always there when someone needs a friend after a death or a heartbreak because she is counting on them crying.

There is also many many more examples, those are just a few. I personally haven't decided which type of vampire I like the most. Perhaps I like a combination of them all. Strong, Caring, Not entirely invincible,with a touch of hopeless romantic! I Like the character to be some what believable...I mean how else am I go to develop that big crush on a fictional character?  That's honestly what I count on, if I can fall for the character... I can fall for the book! 
Isn't that what every author counts on? They want you to fall head over heals for their characters because that means their job has been achieved, they wrote something that you could not put down!
So what is your favorite type of vampire? 


Tina Folsom said...

Great post, Mary.

I personally like a vampire for whom sucking blood is part of a sexual thing. The eroticism it brings with it, makes that kind of vampire irresistible to me. And I absolutely need a vampire who can't go out in the sun - otherwise, where has all the dark and brooding thing gone?


hpmalloryauthor said...

Hi Ladies,
I agree with Tina. Love it when blood sucking is a sexual thing. And agree with the sun thing too.
Good blog post!

Luna Lindsey said...

Anne Rice's vampires are still a win for me.

Also the vampires from the White Wolf game, Vampire the Masquerade, which are very similar to Rice's, except they have a complex system of clans, powers, and traditions. True Blood (based on the Suki Stackhouse series) seems *very* White Wolf at times, what with all the brooding suit-wearing rulers meeting out justice for broken taboo.

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