Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'd like to introduce our new reviewer, Michelle!

Hi All,
I just wanted to introduce our indie book reviewer, Michelle!
I asked Michelle to let us know a bit about her and this is what she had to say:

I haven't been reading indie that long, really only since I got my e-reader back in April (and *now* the ereader price wars start, thank you very much! lol!).  I knew there was no way in heck I was going to pay $9.99 and up for an ebook so I went a-hunting for more reasonably priced ebooks, found Smashwords, and fell in love at first download!  I was actually aware of Smashwords previously but didn't pay much attention to it since I didn't have an ereader at the time and would rather get a root canal than read a book on my monster laptop.  One indie book/author led me to another and another. I have been searching for new indie books and authors ever since.  Now that I have found indies I'm not letting go!  :) 

The whole world of self-publishing and ebooks really interests me because it affects me directly as a reader so I also went searching for websites and blogs about and for indie authors.  I figured if I can find the indie authors then I'll find the indie books!  When I was searching for indie book reviews/information there really wasn't much out there for the reader.  A lot of blogs even state "No self-published books".  I thought that really sucked and seriously considered starting my own review blog for indie books.  For various reasons I never did, but shortly thereafter I saw HP post about her new site on her blog.  I left a comment, we exchanged some email, and she eventually twisted my arm asked if I would be interested in managing the review blog.  It seemed like fate was trying to tell me something so I took the plunge and here we are. 

I am not a professional reviewer by any means. I'm just a joe-schmo reader and my reviews will probably reflect that.  I'm not particularly insightful or analytical in my reviews.  I basically focus on whether I liked the book or not and anything that may jump out at me while reading whether it be good or bad or indifferent.  Depending on the amount of review requests there are I may recruit other readers to do some reviews as well.

I'm also a total blog newbie so will be learning as I go.  I hope to make the review blog just like any other trad book review blog with interviews, contests, giveaways, survey polls, musings, as well as indie related topics or whatever I can think of.  I'm always open to suggestions for features you'd like to see on the blog. There is some really great reading out there right under the readers' noses and hopefully this blog will help fill the gap just a little in making readers more aware of indie books.

We are thrilled to have you on board, Michelle!
Everyone please welcome Michelle and let her know if you would like her to review your book.


Edie Ramer said...

Michelle, thanks for sharing. I just got my Kindle a month ago, when they lowered the price. I'm looking forward to reading your reviews!

michelle said...

Thanks so much Edie! I just signed up for your newsletter. Your book looks really fun and I look forward to seeing it on Smashwords. I hope you are enjoying your Kindle! :)

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