Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vampire vs. Zombie romance novels?

The entire question seems a bit absurd to me. I'm not knocking zombie romance now, don't get me wrong. It's just that I don't understand it. To be fair, I have yet to read a novel or even short story of it. Yet, every time I think of a zombie, I see this dead corpse. Rotting away, body parts falling off, its tongue hanging out, shambling along after some poor victim. If they can even speak, the only thing they're saying is “Brains!”

I'm sure that authors are taking liberty with this picture. Their zombies are most likely not anything like I just described. They're probably jet-set people that would look more like a vampire than any Romero zombie. I think they would have to, too, otherwise how would you ever have amorous feelings for these creatures?

Whats next? Ghouls? Wights? Ghasts? Spectres? The question needs to be asked, how far do we as authors go in our pursuit of making the undead likeable creatures? It's easy with vampires. Suave immortals that dress well, usually have money and a good heaping of personality. They might even have an enchantment on them that enhances all of that. They may be undead, but would you really think that upon meeting them? Sure, they may be cold to the touch, but at least you don't have the smell of rotting meat as you hug them or kiss them. I myself would have trouble with that. After all, a lot of myth seems to suggest that animated skeletons are the very old remnants of what a zombie was. So without serious help to change what a zombie is, I cant even see how a romance could exist. Maybe your loved one dies? Then you partially resurrect them? Now, you have them for how long before body parts begin to fall off? Give me a vampire any day. Except for the strange body temperature and maybe questionably bad breath, oh and lets not forget their tendency toward biting. I'd take that beautiful looking vampire over that questionably recently raised loved one any day.

I will have to read one sooner or later, but I'm afraid I won't be able to suspend my disbelief. Way too many years of being told what a zombie is. Perhaps you can, and perhaps you will like it. I hope you do, as in the end, fiction is about being entertained. My blog, however, is all about pointing out my difficulties in accepting a zombie as my lover. Then again, does a zombie romance exist out there? I've heard people say they do, I've not seen one per se.

If they don't, it's only a matter of time. Amanda Hocking has just released a series based on trolls. I have to admit, I never had this mental picture of trolls being the romantic type.

Yet, from what I've heard, she has done a wonderful job making them real and likable. So if she can do that, then maybe someone can make a zombie lovable. It would be a challenge, but maybe someone, maybe even Amanda, can do it. It's a thought. Maybe my next book should be a vampire with a zombie paranormal romance. The idea just popped up as I was writing it. I think I could do it, but would it be readable? Only time could tell.

Of course I already have six or seven other projects on the back burner, not to mention sequels for both Fallen Blood and Shades of Twilight. Then, of course, yesterday Storytellers three invaded my thoughts. A writers job is never done.

Good reading everyone. Until next time.

Martin C Sharlow


lauralynnelliott said...

This is just too funny! I just posted on my blog three days ago about how I would never write about zombies, and I mentioned a couple of gross possibilities if one was cast as a main character in a paranormal romance. LOL

Tina Folsom said...

Apparently there are a few zombie romances out there, combining Zombies with Jane Austen novels. Go figure. Haven't picked one up yet, so I'm not sure if the Zombies in that novel are actually the love interest or the baddies. One of these days, I guess I'll just have to check them out and see what the fuss is about. In the meantime, give me a hot vampire anytime.

HPMallory said...

I have heard of that Zombie Jane Austen novel and the cover is an old fashioned woman (presumably Lizzie?) and she has skeleton teeth or something crazy. LOL I need to read that!

I can't see zombies as a love interest. That is just gross. Although I was watching the weirdest movie the other day where the zombie was the love interest--Fido.


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