Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reviewing The Reviewer!

I have decided that my blog this week is going to be a little bit about what I do. I have had many people ask me numerous times, what is it like to write reviews for a living? Its actually not exactly like people think it is. It's much different than writing reviews for a blog... why do you ask?

1. Time Restraints!
You have a ton of time restraints, you don't get to choose when you get read and review a book. Its chosen for you! 

2. Editing
Like all newspaper articles my reviews get edited as well... Some are chosen and some aren't. The ones chosen will run and the ones that aren't, unless they show up on my blog... no one sees them.

3. Fun
Yes it is a lot of fun!But its also a lot of work ! I have to contact publishers to receive copies. I have to have all reviews in on time. And I have to make sure that everything with the publisher stays on a professional playing field.

4. How Do I Choose Books?
A lot of the books that I read and review are actually chosen for me. Many are requests from readers that want to know more about upcoming or current books. I do however get a chance occasionally to choose my own titles, when I have that opportunity I attempt to choose titles from indie authors. I love the books and it helps readers get to know authors work, where they might not know who they are otherwise.

5. How can I get you to review my book?
That's simple. I take request from authors all the time to review their book. Yes I will review your book, it may take a little longer than planned though. I will get to it eventually, I just have times when my plate is over flowing with requests. So please be patient I promise I will get it! I have not refused a review request yet. I am happy that I haven't had to. Most authors submit requests to me via email.

6. Did I always want to write reviews?
NO! I was just like every other kid! In fact I wanted to be a singing waitress when I was three years old. This job actually kind of fell in my lap. I got interested in writing reviews when I was 20, so I contacted my local paper to see what I could do to get my reviews read.

7. Advice to someone that wants to review for a living...
If you are interested in writing reviews my suggestion is to expose your reviews as much as you can... a great starting point is a blog, then when you feel ready, your blog can act as a portfolio for newspapers you may interview with.

With all that being said, I would have to say that now it is in fact my dream job. Can be hectic and chaotic but I wouldn't trade it for anything, and what job isn't crazy sometimes? 


Tina Folsom said...

All the stress and deadlines aside, it does sound like a dream job to be able to read for a living. Almost as good as being able to write for a living. I guess that makes 2 people now who've found their dream job. Any others out there?

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