Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nanowrimo and what else has been going on.

So, I hope everyone is well today. Nanowrimo is over now, and I am proud to say I participated and won. It was weird holding myself to such a tight schedule. Normally I only write if I feel it. I hate to just sit down and write if the story isn’t flowing, which means it could take me some time to actually complete a book. Other times I can fly right through it, like a hot knife through butter. The problem is that it's usually the former rather then the latter when it comes to writing.

After doing Nanowrimo, I have found I can actually write even when I don't feel like it. Oh it can be a pain then, but I can do it. I'm hoping to move sometime soon, and my hope is that I can get my own writing room. One that allows me to sit in it all by myself, have my soft command chair and table/desk, my own fridge so I can have all the drink I need, and just sit back and chill, and write without being bothered. Especially, no phone or family demanding my attention. When I do get this dream I hope to write a whole lot more then I'm doing now. I think it will be great, and thanks to Nanowrimo, I will be able to write even if I don't feel it. I think that’s cool.

Tainted Blood is in editing, and I hope to God to have it done before Christmas. I wish I could say, yeah such and such a day. But edits are hell, and they take some time. I should be putting a paperback up this month for Shades of Twilight, and now to decided on my next project. I have 4 or 5 chapters done on Revenge a vampire/mystery/romance, which I need to finish. I have a novella I have some work on, that I'm not sure if I will finish. It is adult and I'm embarrassed about that one, so I'm not sure I want to finish that one. Vampire, of course.

Plus, I have a virtual tour in January for Shades of Twilight, so I'm thinking I should try to have at least its sequel mostly done. After all, it's my highest seller at the moment and has been each month. I will be releasing free ebook copies of Fallen Blood this week on the, so sign up if you want a shot at them, and I will be giving away a paperback version on Goodreads I think this month. So I think that has me all caught up for all those who are interested. I hope you had a wonderful November and are looking forward to a better December.


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