Friday, September 10, 2010


Since I was five, I've wanted to write a story about unicorns. Unicorns are awesome.

Despite their incredible awesomeness, I don't see unicorns utilized a lot in urban fantasy or paranormal romance.  Even when they are, they tend to be peripheral characters that add little to the story. There are notable exceptions, of course. ( The Killer Unicorns series by Diana Peterfreund and Zombies vs Unicorns come to mind.)

I just think that it's odd that with the urban fantasy genre more popular than ever, the mainstays include vampires, shifters, fae, and zombies, but not a lot of unicorns. 

I've been theoretically working on a graphic novel about unicorns for about 6 months, and I hope that it eventually sees the light of day. But even if it doesn't, I'm making a call to all you lovely UF writers out there. We need more unicorns! Or even a watercorn or two.

And to the UF readers and aficionados, demand more unicorns!  

If you guys know of any good unicorn fiction out there, point me in that direction. Or good unicorn films. The only movie I can think of that has awesome unicorns and not lame ones is Legend

-Amanda Hocking, author of YA paranormal romance My Blood Approves series and Trylle Trilogy  that has yet to include unicorns


Diana Peterfreund said...

What I have found is that there is both a unicorn backlash and a unicorn support group. There are as many people who tell me they won't read my book (or they almost didn't) because it's about unicorns, as people who tell me they had to read my book BECAUSE it's about unicorns (or refuse to read it because it's about killer unicorns). It's a very polarizing issue.

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