Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My addiction

So, what got you interested in paranormal romance? For me, believe it or not, a friend of mine made me watch Interview With a Vampire. I really had no interest in watching it. Well, that’s not entirely truthful. I'm kind of a fan of Tom Cruise. Because he was in it, I was always somewhat interested in seeing it, but I really couldn’t see him as a vampire. I mean, come on. Mr. Top Gun? A vampire? Please. Nevertheless, my friend made it sound so good, and she could not believe I had never seen it before. So, in the end I watched it at home on my computer where most people wouldn't know I did it.

Surprise, surprise. I was intrigued by the movie. So much so, that the next day I was over at my friends house and she asked what I wanted to watch, I volunteered and watched Interview with a vampire one more time. There was just something about the movie that gripped me and called out to me. It was the strangest thing. After watching it that second time, I found I needed more. Where to go to feed my new growing hunger? Because like a vampire, I found myself not just wanting, but actually needing to have more.

I wasn't quite ready to read a book. I had so many books already in line to be read, and I hate having to cut in line. So I began to search for other quick fixes. I found True Blood. I'm assuming if you are reading this, you're familiar at least with the books if not the HBO show. I watched every episode they had out in a couple of days, and when they were gone, I found myself still hungry. What next? Where would I feed my new addiction? The only show I could come up with was one I thought I'd never watch. The Vampire Diaries. There I found my new favorite vampire. Damon. My new hero. I know it's absurd, but I like him. I like his attitude and his character. He was a nice change from all the other TV Vampires.

Needless to say, I watched all the available episodes in a few days as well. After that I felt it was time to actually read a book. I do things backward I know. I watched the first three Harry Potter movies before I ever read the books. I'm like that. I was going to read Twilight first. I got the series ready and everything. Read the first few chapters, when I stumbled upon My Blood Approves. I decided to download that and have a gander, after all it was only 0.99. I fell in love with that book, and with that my need to write such books was ignited. Since then I'm still watching the shows, but I get most of my need taken care of by writing these days. Since I wrote my first novel my hunger had been sedated. I'm happy with that.

If, however, it stops working for me, I'm sure I will find myself perusing all the fine new novels out there. Maybe I will even get back to those Twilight novels I have sitting on the counter gathering dust. Until then, I think I will just be writing, oh and not missing a single episode of True Blood, at least until Vampire Diaries comes back on.


Tina Folsom said...

I totally agree with you on True Blood - absolutely love that show and need a fix soon!

As for the Vampire Diaries - I saw a couple of episodes and thought they were basically 90210 with vampires. Or did I miss something? As YA goes, probably not too bad, but I need something more grown up.

Martin said...

Yes your right on that one. Still Damon is mostly why I come back.

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