Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Banned Book Week

Banned Book Week!

The week of September 25th - October 2nd has been announced by The American Library Association as being Banned Book week! In which they are encouraging readers to read banned books as an expression of freedom in reading. There are a ton of books on the banned books list, along with the reasons that they were banned. Some of the reasons are down right ridiculous. For example P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast's House of Night books have been banned in Texas for sexual content... That's not the part that grinds my gears, its the fact that they have banned all of their future books, without knowing what they are about or what they contain. Its narrow mindedness like this that is beginning to dictate what we can and cannot read! I personally don't want my reading range to be dictated by someone who has A: never read the books and B: can't open their minds to new things.

      I was also noticing that some of our most loved classics are being banned as well, books that I was required to read in school, is no longer acceptable reading material in some places. Like Lord of The Flies... Yes I see its thematic plot, but the reason it was banned is because it makes man look like animals. Well some people are animals, and being put in the same situation as those boys are, I am sure we would probably adapt the same way that William Golding wrote it.

   The American Library Association are promoting that you read these banned books and many more, so that people can't tell you want you can and cannot read. So that people will realize that these books, once deemed to be classic literature, aren't accepted everywhere.And that we are lucky that we have the freedom to choose which books we wish to read, banned or not. This week I will be picking up some of these titles named unfit to read, because no one is going to tell me which books I am ALLOWED to read. What will you be reading this week?


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